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Welcome to the home page of the Alabama Probate Judges Association, and thank you for your interest. This is a voluntary association of Alabama Probate Judges, and all 68 judges are members. (Alabama has 67 counties, but Jefferson County, our largest, has 2 probate judges!) (Our website is provided courtesy of Foresight Computers and Networking, Inc.)

Please explore the tool bar across the top of each page: Click on the PROBATE INFO button and you will find some general information about probate functions and process in Alabama, courtesy of the Alabama Law Institute. This is for information purposes only, and is not a substitute for legal advice. If you have need of the services of a probate court, you should consult the attorney of your choice. Please appreciate that no judge should recommend attorneys in matters before their court.

Click on FIND JUDGES or MAP OF COUNTIES to find specific information about each probate judge and each county, as well as links to their individual websites or areas of interest.

You can read about the history and structure of this association at ABOUT APJA. Our Association's current OFFICERS can be found on the button of the same name.

The OTHER ASSOCIATIONS button provides links to the state associations of most other county elected officials in Alabama. STATE LINKS carries you to the websites of our 7 statewide-elected constitutional officers, our state legislature, and a directory of state agencies.

(Because this is our working site, and is routinely used for the sharing of information, the For Judges Only link at the top of the page is restricted to use only by probate judges, and is password protected.)